With one Nerd Nite down we’re coming to you in a blink of an eye with Nerd Nite Kyushu #10! This time we are talking about AI. Join us at the Engineer Cafe on October 27th (Fri) from 19:00 for night of nerdy people!
第9回ナードナイト九州が終わったらと思ったら次のイベントがすぐそこ!今回は「AI」をテーマに面白いお話をお届けします。10月27日(金)の19:00から天神のEngineer Cafeでお待ちしております!飲みながらナーディーな話を聞ける夜を過ごしましょう!

Oct 27th (Fri) 19:00〜


Engineer Cafe

Entry fee: ¥1000 (comes with a drink ticket)
入場料: ¥1000 (ドリンクチケット付き)

Erik Berger
AI and the Arts: “Ain’t Misbehavin'”

With the recent explosion of media developed with machine learning, our current cultural landscape begs the question: what makes human-made music, illustration, and prose valuable and are they at risk of being replaced by AI? We’ll take a look at randomness, intentionality, and craft as equal elements of a balanced perspective on creativity, and explore examples of how machine learning can help promote originality in the arts.

Erik Berger is an interdisciplinary artist best known for his eclectic improvised music and his ongoing “Portraits International” project. Originally from the Greater Chicagoland Area in the USA, he first moved to Fukuoka in 2014. He now works as a freelance graphic designer and ESL educator, living in Nishi-Ku with his houseplants, wife, and one-year-old son.

Insta: @portraits.international
Facebook: Burger A&D
Portfolio: behance.net/sasagu

Zen Walking ~A Journey of a Walk-a-holic~
by Yukari Fukumoto

8 years ago, I walked 105 km (approx. 65 miles) from Sasebo to Shimabara in Nagasaki for 23 hours and 57 minutes. Why? Because I participated in a walking rally called “Ultra Walk.” Since then, I have challenged similar events several times. Again, why and what for? Am I an athlete or something? No. In my presentation, I’ll introduce you to this insane event and how I became a “Walk-a-holic.”

My name is Yukari Fukumoto. I was born in Nagasaki on December 6, 1979. I went to Sasebo Kosen, a national college of technology, after graduating from junior high and studied electronics and programming for 5 years. After that, I got a job as a programmer in Fukuoka. Since then, I’ve lived in Fukuoka for more than 20 years. I changed my job once and now I’m taking an online course to become a movie subtitle translator while working at a small IT company.

Bluesky: @fuyuanjp.bsky.social
Instagram: @fuyuanlovescraftbeer

AI – From Neural Networks To Artistic Genius
Aaron Hilton

A quick review of AI’s history, and exploration of generative AI today.

Aaron Hilton, in 2019 started Steampunk Digital, in Fukuoka Japan.  A long history of making computer graphics from a young age, to developing 3D scanning and holographic communications systems.