Get ready for (probably) the last Nerd Nite Kyushu of 2023! We got quite the line up this round and we’re super excited! Join us November 18th (Sat) from 18:00 back at the Dancing Penguin!
今年最後(たぶん)のナードナイト九州が決まりました!今回楽しいプレゼンターが勢揃い!11月18日(土)18:00からDancing Penguinでお待ちしてます。

November 18th (Sat) 18:00~



A brief history of Japanese punk/hardcore and record collecting
By Marc Navel 

Through this talk I will do my best to introduce you to the Japanese punk hardcore movement. Its famous and more obscure bands, its codes, its history and evolution and most importantly its records. To finish the evening I plan to bring some records from my personal collection and play some fine tunes for your ears’ delightment. 

Born in France and living in Japan for 15 years. I became involved in the punk/hardcore scene and record collecting at an early age and when I moved to Japan, I fell in love with the Japanese punk scene, getting my hands on everything I could afford. Since I became a dad I’ve been selling most of my records but I’ll forever keep the ones related to the Japanese punk scene, as well as flyers, posters, stickers and any related memorabilia.

Solution Focused Brief Therapy: Unique psychotherapy that can be used just after you learned it!
By Norio Mishima

Most people have some problems in their work and/or personal lives. When you think about these problems, you may focus on something that is usually negative. Have you ever tried to change your focuses? If not, why don’t you learn a little bit about focusing on solutions? Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) gives you useful suggestions about how to change your focuses. Once you know it, you may feel more hopeful about your life.

Norio Mishima, M.D., now works for Fukuoka Megumi Hospital. For more than 37 years, he has been practicing Psychosomatic Medicine, seeing patients from the holistic standpoint, and psychotherapy plays an important role. When he worked for the University of Occupational and Environmental Health, Kitakyushu, Japan in the mid-1990s, he encountered the SFBT in the workshop held by Insoo Kim Berg. Since then, he attended her workshops as frequently as possible, and the SFBT has become the most important therapeutic method for him.

Successful YouTube Channels – what’s going on behind the scenes?
by Andrew Robertson

Everyone’s familiar with YouTube, and more than a few of us have had a go at uploading something. But, like a swan gliding along with its feet furiously paddling under the surface, what’s going on behind the scenes of successful videos? How do some seemingly simple videos get thousands of views while others get next to nothing? I’ll share what I’ve learned in climbing from zero to over 22 000 subscribers, and what’s still left to do.

Dr Andrew Robertson arrived in Fukuoka twenty five years ago for a one year chemistry research project. Since then, he has taught English and science communication as part of his private business before returning to academia in 2010. He now runs the Three Twentysix YouTube channel, making educational videos for those with a knowledge of, or an interest in, chemistry.

Three Twentysix YouTube Channel