Nerd Nite Kyushu x KYURIOUS
Special collaboration event

Nerd Nite Kyushu is collaborating with KYURIOUS, the international student support organization from Kyushu University’s Faculty of Agriculture. This time our theme is “The Ends of Things.” Thanks to the support from Kyushu University’s outreach team K@ITO we have been given the opportunity to hold this event at the brand new “Kyudai Ito Tsutaya Books” right by Kyushu U’s Ito Campus! So come on down to hear three amazing talks from three nerdy Kyudai students. Join us August 2nd (Fri) from 18:30!

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The Beginning of the End: Recognizing the Signs through Behavioral Changes
by Abrianna Elke Chairil

Well, not quite. There are times when death would come unannounced but in most cases, there will be signs to inform us that the life counter is ticking down to zero. Behavioral changes are one such telltale sign. Join us as we discuss more on how changes in behavioral patterns may indicate the beginning of the end and what exactly to look out for in these situations.
I’m talking about fish and environmental damage, by the way. Just in time for the beach episode! 😀

I like sea creatures and I really think we should be taking better care of the environment, so I decided to turn these two points into one of my personality traits and enrolled in Kyushu University’s PhD program. I chose to pursue my higher education in Japan because I’m a part-time weeb and I’m currently approaching my 8th year in Japan. I do a little bit of (salaried) this-and-that here-and there aside from my PhD which I use to fund my gacha addiction, but I like to think of these activities as skill investments too.


by Brian Blumberg Vargas

Entomology is the science behind insects and what they are capable of. These tiny creatures hold many secrets, some potentially lethal and others of great benefit to society. In 2018, Dr. Fujita, head of the Sanitary Entomology Lab, discovered a one-of-a-kind virus infecting the world’s deadliest creature, but will it bring death or fortune?

Born and raised in Costa Rica, I am a person who loves the natural world and explaining its many intricacies. I am a student at Kyushu University’s Sanitary Entomology Lab studying arboviruses and the novel Shinobi tetra virus. In my spare time, I practice outdoor sports such as rock climbing, cycling, and kayaking that allow me to experience the natural world in all its glory. 

IG: @blumbergbrian