We’re back in 2024 for another year of nerdy talks with nerdy people! Our first event of the year will be at one of our regular spots, B.R.E.W. So be there and be square! Join us on on February 25th from 18:00 for a night of talks and drinks!


B.R.E.W. (Two minutes from Ohori Park station)


Entry fee: ¥1000 (comes with a drink ticket)
入場料: ¥1000 (ドリンクチケット付き)


James-Webb Telescope
Redefining Cosmological Models of the Universe?

By Aurovrata Venet


The James-Webb telescope is a unique observatory in the history of Astronomy for multiple reasons.  It has revolutionised space-borne observations as the Hubble Space Telescope did over 30 years ago.  It has been conceived to look further back in time than Hubble and probe the very first galaxies in the early Universe.  In 2023, its first deep-field observation revealed not young galaxies but already mature and well formed ones, throwing a spanner in the cosmological models of the Universe. This talk briefly explores these models and the controversial observation.

Aurovrata Venet is a Frenchman made in India.  Schooled in south India, Aurovrata completed his PhD in Cosmology at Imperial College (London) in 1999.  His PhD thesis consisted of modelling statistical star-formation rates as a function of red-shift using semi-analytical Monte-Carlo models of the Universe.  His Japanese spouse is from Fukuoka and he is currently on a visit to explore the possibility of working and living in Japan.  In his spare-time, he practices, Yoga, Kinstugi and sourdough baking.

Blockchain and Microblogging:
a whistle-stop tour of sticking it to the man in the modern web

By Adam Millerchip


Pressing buttons on things for as long as I can remember, working with computers was a bit of a natural calling.
After studying Software Engineering in Edinburgh, Scotland, I’ve spent about half my career in Japan, most of that in Fukuoka.
Twitter: @_adamu_

Do you want to brew a beer, man?
By Raymond Kunikane Terhune


We are happy to announce a collaboration beer with Nerd Nite Kyushu and B.R.E.W. Many of us probably know the four ingredients that go into making a beer: water, malt, hop, and yeast. Yet there are so many varieties of beer. How does that happen? It’s because each ingredient has varieties within themselves—there are over 260 varieties of hops alone— and each of them can be manipulated throughout the brewing process. So, with the context of our new collaboration beer, we will explain how we chose our ingredients and brewing style to realize our beer vision.

Raymond Kunikane Terhune is the boss/organizer of your favorite nerd-based event in Kyushu: Nerd Nite Kyushu. By day he is a Science Communicator for Kyushu University working to promote Kyushu University’s research to the local community and the world. If he’s not working on science, you can find him gallivanting around Fukuoka on the lookout for good craft beer and the people to share it with.