Nerd Nite Kyushu #3 is happening!! This time we’re coming to you with a theme: Behavior.
Three speakers are going to talk about how humans (or non-humans) think, act, and make decisions! Join us for another night of nerdy talks with nerdy people.


August 27th (Sat) 18:00〜

Jan Lauwereyns
Don’t Look! (But Of Course, You Do)

Don’t look, don’t touch, don’t taste. Don’t think of the elephant. But we always do. It is perhaps a core feature of our human condition that we disobey. Eve did it. Orpheus did it. And subjects in the lab do it, too, when we force them to ignore very, very naughty words.

Jan Lauwereyns used to work with monkeys, until one of them told him not to. The experience turned our Belgian scientist poet into some sort of novelist bioethicist. These days he also operates as a worker ant at Kyushu University
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Takeru Kodama
Cicada: Insect Musician

In Japan, we can hear unique songs of cicadas in summer. Why their songs are so complex, various, and fun? Actually, a lot of things about cicadas are still open questions. How much do you know about cicadas?

I’m studying about [Behavior and Evolution of Cicadas.]
I’m a member of [Laboratory of Ecological Science in Kyushu University.]
I’m a student of [K-SPRING “Future-Creation (MIRAI)” Course.]

Twitter: @childpearl_32