As the summer season rolls through Japan we’re happy to announce that Nerd Nite Kyushu is back again on September 25th (Sun) at B.R.E.W. Join us from 18:00 for another round of nerdy talks from nerdy people!

Sept 24th (Sun) 18:00〜


B.R.E.W. (Two minutes from Ohori Park station)


Entry fee: ¥1000 (comes with a drink ticket)
入場料: ¥1000 (ドリンクチケット付き)


Fish immunology is the missing link to a better future
by Tsukasa Ryu

Do you like sushi? A wide variety of sushi is a great example of us enjoying the richness of marine biodiversity. To tackle problems pressuring the marine environment, I specialized in fish immunology. By unraveling the mysteries of fish immune systems, we gain insights into the evolution of animal immunity, while also working towards aquaculture advancements. In my research, I focus on understanding crosstalk between fish’s color and their immune systems. 

I’m a second-year doctoral student at Kyushu University’s Marine Biochemistry Laboratory, with a specialization in fish immunology. Beyond academics, I have a passion for fish – whether it’s fishing, caring fish, or even making sushi. Alongside my studies, I lead a student organization called KYURIOUS, fostering connections between international and Japanese students at Kyushu University. Outside of campus, I compete as a sponsored professional yo-yo player.

Soundscapes, Tentacle-Brains, and Video Games: The Intersection of Research and Art
by Britton E. Brooks

We experience the world through our senses. It is how we know it, understand it, believe in it. Yet our embodied senses detect only a small portion of what exists. Humans cannot see the ultraviolet light reflecting from flowers or hear the infrasonic discussions of elephants. This talk will explore the sensorium, both human and non-human, through the intersection of academic research and video game creation. Come if you wish to enter other minds. Flee if the deep blue ocean scares you.

Britton E. Brooks was raised on the shores of Hawaiʻi. His feet have taken him to the hills of Wales, the time-gorged stones of Oxford, and now, the seas and mountains of Japan. He is the author of academic works on literature and the environment, the novel World Wakers: Beginnings, and is the creator of the video game Knowing Oceans. He is currently an assistant professor at Kyushu University.