Are you ready for the next Nerd Nite Kyushu? We’re happy to announce that the next event will be on April 23rd (Sun) from 18:00 at a brand new brew pub right near Ohori Park, B.R.E.W ! Be there and be square!
次回のナードナイト九州楽しみ?次回のイベントはは大濠公園近くにできた新しいブルーパブB.R.E.W. 、4月23日(日)18:00で開催します!


April 23rd (Sun) 18:00〜


B.R.E.W. (Two minutes from Ohori Park station)


Entry fee: ¥1000 (comes with a drink ticket)
入場料: ¥1000 (ドリンクチケット付き)


“How to start a brew pub”
by Wataru Fujita


・Black IPA 試飲 Free talk



“Stranger Than Fiction? Tall Tales in the Life of Sakamoto Ryōma”
by Jacob Ritari


Sakamoto Ryōma, a samurai of the last days of the shogunate famed for his revolutionary politics and assasination at a young age, has been the subject of a number of hagiographical treatments ranging from Shiba Ryōtarō’s 1960’s blockbuster novel Ryōma ga Yuku to the 2011 NHK drama Ryōmaden. While we might question their accuracy, the reminiscences of his widow Oryō, related to several reporters and scholars late in her life, contain even wilder tales. But how reliable is Oryō’s account, motivated by her desire to rebut another biographical novel which she believed to be scurrilous? How do we evaluate historical sources, and how do we draw the line between historical fiction and “fact”–if such is even possible?

Jacob Ritari was born in Boston, Massachusetts. He is currently a doctoral student at Kyushu University, where his research focuses on the treatment of the “heroes” of Japan’s Bakumatsu era in popular culture; he previously studied the relationship between Japanese detective fiction and ideas of childhood and maturity through the lens of the popular anime/manga franchise Detective Conan.

“Free form vacuum distillation, you heard it here first.”
by Sasha Wijidessa


An in depth into the process and thought behind vacuum distillation and championing free form spirits.

Having spent a stint as a bar-back at British gastropub in Singapore, Sasha Wijidessa discovered her strong passion for cocktail making in her early years behind the bar.
Graduating with a pharmaceutical science diploma, Sasha applied her knowledge in the sciences to her love for the craft. Her proficiency with creating drinks developed quickly, resulting in her rapid rise to General Manager and Sous Bartender at Operation Dagger.
In 2019, Sasha met Lars Williams, the Founder of Empirical, and joined the Copenhagen team as part of R&D. She relocated back to Singapore in early 2022, and is currently the APAC Commercial Director of  Empirical and Co-Founder of FURA.


“St Louis: Life and Death of a Once Great American City”
by Mark Potter


Despite world travels and cosmopolitan living, my heart and soul were mostly nurtured by the people and places around St. Louis where my family lived until I was 16. That under-appreciated city, it’s growth and death, is subject of my upcoming Nerd Night talk. I’ll try not to put people to sleep.

I was born the same year as the hydrogen bomb, the People’s Republic of China and the Soviet Union’s first nuclear test. Raised by a pair of canoeing, Bible-quoting atheist, science and literature-loving parents, I survived a stream of assassinations and social upheavals. I traveled the world, and while doing so, managed to squeak out a degree. Along the way, among an eclectic assortment of roles, a favorite was, across time, space and culture, preventing companies from going for their respective jugulars. Eventually I succumbed to a second marriage and, defying sanity, at age 65, fatherhood.