Welcome to the year 2023!! We’ll ready for a brand new year of great talks and even greater people! Our first event of the year is happening February 25th (Sat) at 18:00, back at the Dancing Penguin Craft Beer 角打ち!
Be there and be square!
2023年へようこそ! 今年も素晴らしいトークとさらに素晴らしい人たちのイベントを提供します!今年最初のイベントは、2月25日(土)18:00からダンシングペンギンクラフトビールお角打ちで開催します!

February 25th (Sat) 18:00〜



“The Mind…Everything Connection, Metaphysics and Personality Typology”
by Karl Bahceci


Personality Type tests are quite popular, but what theoretical bases do they possess, and whence do they come from? How did metaphysics, particularly the theories of Immanuel Kant, influence Carl Jung’s Personality Typology and what can they say about something like your MBTI code (or can’t)?

Born in New York City and moved to Fukuoka to work in MICE tourism, I am a very impractical person but passionate about the subject.  I received my Master’s Degree in Philosophy several years ago.

“Love and War in Sri Lanka: Anthropology Field-notes”
by Kaori Hatsumi


When the war took the lives of eight members of his immediate family, K decided not to recall the experience because it’s too painful for him. Ten months later in October 2010, he meets an anthropologist and tells his story.

Experienced, traumatized, and healed. An anthropologist in progress. My recent book, Hallelujah Fishers (in Japanese) is about love and war in Northern Sri Lanka during the final, bloodiest phase of the island’s thirty-year civil war, which ended in 2009. I teach at Seinan Gakuin University.

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“Travel, Pray, Anime: Liminal Journeys in Contemporary Japan”
Raditya Nuradi


My talk will introduce the anime pilgrimage phenomenon, where fans of anime and manga would visit places or sites related to anime and manga. I will talk about my experiences in doing ethnographic research on this topic and some of the central points in understanding the phenomenon. I’ll also briefly discuss pilgrimage in general as an activity and some of the general misconceptions we might have of this practice.

I’m Raditya Nuradi, a  Phd student at Kyushu University. Most of the time I’m traveling all over the country to visit pilgrimage sites and meet pilgrims, but at other times I’m also a podcast host for New Books Network where we talk with scholars about some of their recent publications. If you’d like to learn more about Japan but don’t have time why not start with our podcasts?

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