Nerd Nite Kyushu is coming to you earlier than usual! This time we’re teaming up with Hack Fukuoka and holding the event at the Engineer Cafe in the heart of Tenjin! We’re coming in with three fantastic speakers to enjoy of night of nerdy fun!!

次回のナードナイト九州は思ったより早くくるよ!今回はHack Fukuokaとコラボし天神の中心にあるEngineer Cafeで開催!超面白い発表者の三人にご期待!

If you are interested in attending, RSVP from the link below

September 30th (Fri) 19:00〜


Engineer Cafe

Entry fee: ¥1000 (comes with a drink ticket)
入場料: ¥1000 (ドリンクチケット付き)


Billy Dawton

Less is more: how to help computers efficiently understand the real world


To be understood and processed by a computer, real-world information needs to be converted into digital information. Just like when explaining to your parents why you can’t pause online video games, there are more or less efficient ways to convey the essential and important information. In this presentation, I present a new approach for converting real-world information into digital information. Nothing about how to explain what an MMO is to your dad though.

Billy is a researcher with the Humanophilic Systems Laboratory at Kyushu University, focusing on low-cost, low-complexity sensing frameworks. In his spare time, he struggles with LaTeX, Keigo (both Sonkeigo and Kenjougo), and Kanji.

Stephen Lyman

Debutantes, Arson, Booze, and Adrenaline: the improbable life of a Samurai Scientist 


Talk Summary: Imagine, if you will, the son of a low level samurai and a sake brewer’s daughter becoming one of the most influential biochemists in the world. Then imagine this same person making his fortune in phosphate mining, becoming the head of the Japanese patent office shortly after graduating from college, marrying an American heiress, being awarded the first biologic patent in U.S. history, becoming the first Japanese person to ever make whisky, establishing his own gentleman’s club in New York City, founding the largest pharmaceutical company in Japan, and donating the cherry blossom trees to Washington, DC. And doing all of this despite suffering from a severe stomach ailment for most of his adult life. Yet we haven’t even mentioned his most significant contribution to the field of medicine: isolating the first human hormone ever to be isolated in human history, which even today is the basis for a drug that has saved millions of lives. 

Bio: Stephen Lyman is a scientist, author, historian, filmmaker, editor, podcaster, shochu maker, tennis player, distance runner, cyclist, and baseball fan. Oh, and he likes beer. A lot. And food. Good food anyway.

Social Media: @JapanDistilled on Twitter/IG/FB


Satoshi Tanaka
Map Otaku learn from honeybees.


Do you guys use web maps? The web maps you use are still being updated today by Big Tech (Google|Amazon|Foursquare|Facebook) and us map geeks. I will talk about the process of my encounter with Web Maps through the guidance of Honeybees and how I am currently doing my mapping.

みんなWeb地図使ってる? あなたが普段使ってるビッグテックが管理する地図サービスやオープンソース活動/オープンデータとして公開されている地図は、我々オタクの手によって今日も更新されています。 私がミツバチの導きによってWeb地図と出会った過程と、どうやってマッピングを行っているかを語ります。

I am a geolocator with no outstanding skills in web development techniques or map surveying. In graduate school, I did research on insect brains. 
From field work to PCR testing for DNA, leave it to me!

私はWeb開発技術にも地図の測量にも卓越した技術を持っていないジオロケーターです。 大学院では昆虫の脳に関する研究をやっていました。フィールドワークからDNAのPCR検査までお任せあれ!

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