Off the heels of the inaugural event we’re coming back for another night of nerdy talks and nerdy people at Nerd Nite Kyushu #2


May 22nd (Sun) 17:00〜


Jin Yimeng
Language, More Than Words


Does the language you speak affect how you think about the world? Linguists, philosophers and psychologists have long been interested in this question, and many have suggested that it does.
There’re lots of interesting facts I’d like to share with you about how languages shape the way we think. Beyond that, let’s also talk about how the framing of Chinese characters (kanji) is being misogyny and how it is influencing Japanese & Chinese speakers’ thoughts.

Cognitive science researcher, first year PhD student in Kyushu University, with broad interests in bioethics and gender problems.

Adam Millerchip
Bits and Bytes: What the Hex?!


Have you ever seen a colour written as 1F4D6E? Or maybe an error message like 0x48656c6c6f204e657264204e6967687421? What do we mean when we say computers work with 1s and 0s, and what is that 0x48656c… all about? in this talk we’ll talk about binary¹, decimal², and hexadecimal³, what they mean, and why they’re used in computing.

¹ 1s and 0s; ² the numbers you already know; ³ 0x1f4d6e…

Pressing buttons on things for as long as I can remember, working with computers was a bit of a natural calling.
After studying Software Engineering in Edinburgh, Scotland, I’ve spent about half my career in Japan, most of that in Fukuoka. In fact the first place I lived in Fukuoka was a 5 minute walk away from this bar!
Twitter: @_adamu_

Laurie Griffiths
Time Machines


Laurie will take you through the history of time and time-keeping at breakneck speed; stretching from ancient methods to modern puzzles. Along the way we’ll find out how time-keeping is hiding in some unexpected places in our everyday lives.

Laurie is a software engineer, community manager at Fukuoka Engineer Cafe and all together too busy! He enjoys running, playing the piano and making things.
Twitter @laurie_ljg